Use of Text Messaging and Video Consultations

Given the current circumstances, here at the Surgery we are making more use of text messaging to communicate with our patients via accuRx, an NHS approved messaging system.

If you have contacted the Practice, either by telephone or via a message through our website, it may be that you will receive a response by text message directly from your GP. This means that we can respond to your queries quickly and you don’t need to wait for someone to call you back.

We are also rolling out the use of video consultations, so that your GP can have a face to face consultation with you by video and you don’t have to come into the Surgery.

You can visit the accuRx website to see what to do if your GP has sent you a text message or a link to a video consultation.

Given the above, it is really important that we have your correct mobile telephone number on your record so that we can communicate with you. If you have changed your number recently, or think we may not have your correct contact information, please contact the Practice and let us know. You can call Reception on 01594 542270 or use the Administration Room of our website to update your contact information.

Thank you.