Vaccination Update for those aged 50 years and over

Our next vaccination delivery is now confirmed and Surgeries have been given the go ahead to begin inviting all those in Groups 8 and 9 (those aged 50 to 59 years of age) for their first vaccination.

As always, please wait to be contacted by your Surgery. These two groups are a large number of people and it will take a little time for your Surgery to contact their entire list.

This will be for appointments at the Cinderford Vaccination Centre.
You will be contacted either by text message containing a link to book your own appointment, or by telephone. If you do not have a compatible mobile phone or are unable to use the link, please do not call your Surgery as soon as you receive your message. They will be able to see you have not booked and will contact you by telephone in due course.

THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT: If you have already booked your first vaccination appointment at another location please let your Surgery know – If you are able to use the text link you can simply decline your booking invitation. Alternatively, please go to your Surgery’s website and send them a message. Please do not call them if at all possible. We have no access to the National Booking System so are unable to see if you have already booked elsewhere, and letting your Surgery know will save them having to spend time trying to contact you unnecessarily.

If you have booked elsewhere but now want to have your first vaccination at Cinderford, again, please either use the text booking link to book a new appointment or wait to be contacted by your Surgery. If you do book a new appointment to go to Cinderford, it is really important that you cancel your original booking so that this can be offered to someone else.

Some Surgeries are still in the process of contacting patients in Group 7 (those aged 60 to 64), so if you are in this group but have not yet been called please wait and your Surgery will contact you very soon.

We will add the vaccination schedule for the next week or so very shortly in a separate post so that is easier to find.

Thank you as always for your support and co-operation.