Staff changes at the Surgery

There have been some staff changes here at the Surgery.

Dr Martha Kimberley has completed her GP training with us and commenced her maternity leave on Friday 3rd July. We wish Dr Kimberley well and hope she enjoys the next couple of weeks resting before baby arrives.

Dr Katy Baker will remain with us until mid-September as she covers the maternity leave of Dr Kerri Bennion who then returns.

Another familiar face, Dr Maddy McCann, has re-joined us for some sessions during the summer months.

Dr Irina Foektistova joined us a few months ago as a trainee GP and will finish her placement with us at the end of November.

Dr Omo Ajayi will join us in August to complete her GP training and will be at Mitcheldean for 12 months.

Beth Murray, one of our Receptionists, is currently on maternity leave and will be due back with us in early January.
Her shifts are begin covered by Doris Hornchurch, one of our long serving members of staff who’d really enjoy her retirement if we didn’t keep finding things for her to do!