Shielding Patients – Returning to Work

The Government guidance for those patients who have previously been advised to shield has now changed. This means that if you have previously been shielding, you can now go to work as long as your workplace is Covid-Secure, but should carry on working from home wherever possible.

Please note that your GP cannot:

  • Provide you with a sick note/Med3 just to extend your shielding period so that you do not have to return to work. Sick notes can only be given to those who are clinically unwell and therefore not fit to work.
  • Those patients who have previously been shielding are now expected to return to work in line with Government guidelines. Your GP does not need to provide a letter for your employer stating you are fit to do so.

If you are returning to work, you should discuss any concerns you may have with your employer to ensure your work place has the appropriate social distancing measures in place so you feel safe to return.

The latest Government guidelines on the pausing of shielding and returning to work can be found here:

Latest Government Guidelines