Shielding Letters

Further to the Prime Minister’s announcement last night, if you are classed as clinically vulnerable and have previously been asked to shield, you will shortly receive a shielding letter which will tell you what you need to do. This letter is being sent out centrally by the Government and not from your GP Practice. Please do not contact your Practice – wait until you receive your letter and then only contact your Practice if you have any further queries or concerns. Your Practice is unable to give you any further information on shielding arrangements at this time.

If you are not classed as vulnerable and are not unwell but are choosing to shield, you will need to make your own arrangements directly with your employer. Your GP Practice is not able to provide you with any documentation to support your choice to shield such as a letter to your employer.

Sick notes can only be issued to patients who are clinically unwell and unable to attend work as a result of this. All patients should self-certify a new episode of sickness for the first 7 days and only contact your GP for a sick note if you are going to be unwell for longer than this.

Further information on self-certification can be found here:

Please see your Practice website for online services and ways to contact your Surgery.

Thank you for your co-operation with this.