COVID-19 Online Portal & Patient Leaflet

The Gloucestershire CCG has created a new Online Portal where patients can access a broad range of information on support and services that are available. The site covers everything from pharmacy (and medication), dentists and opticians to GP, community and hospital services. Information and links to mental health support and testing arrangements are also available.

You can visit the Online Portal at

COVID-19 Leaflet

A new COVID-19 leaflet is on its way to every household in Gloucestershire.

More than 240,000 copies of a new COVID-19 leaflet are being delivered to all homes in the County, with distribution this week.

The leaflet has been created in partnership with a range of organisations to help those without easy access to the internet and to ensure all Gloucestershire residents are aware of the support available to them.

The leaflet includes information on how to:

  • Stay safe with the latest NHS advice
  • Stay well by following the five ways to wellbeing or accessing free, confidential mental health support
  • Report concerns about the welfare of vulnerable children, young people or adults
  • Get support and offer support to others through the Community Health Hub and other networks

You can download a copy of the leaflet here..