Booking your Covid Vaccination

Some patients have received letters from the NHS’ National Vaccination Booking Centre offering Covid vaccine appointments. This is to offer increased capacity and choice for patients and to ensure that the most vulnerable population are vaccinated as quickly as possible. Unfortunately this seems to have caused some confusion.

There are two ways to book your vaccination appointment:
1) To have your vaccination at the Old Cinderford Vaccination Centre. The only way to book an appointment at the Old Cinderford Centre is via your GP Surgery. Patients will receive either a text message with a booking link, or if there is no mobile number on their record their Surgery will contact them by landline.

2) To have a vaccination at one of the NHS’ mass vaccination centres (such as Ashton Gate in Bristol), or NHS Pharmacy Locations (such as Boots in Gloucester). If you have received a letter from the NHS Booking Centre it will contain information on how to book your appointment online at one of these NHS Centres. Once you receive this, you can also call 119 to book over the phone.

It is patient choice as to which location they have their vaccination, but if you have already booked or are going to book an appointment using the information in your NHS letter (for National Vaccination Booking Centre), please check your chosen clinic location details carefully – your appointment will be at one of the other NHS vaccination sites, not at the Old Cinderford Centre.

More letters and text messages are due to be sent to those patients in the first 4 groups (over 80s, over 75s, over 70s and those who are Clinically Extremely Vulnerable) whose patient record has not yet had the code recorded as received a first dose vaccination. If you have recently had your vaccination or have an appointment booked please disregard the letter or message. It just takes a little while for the information to get to Surgeries and records to be updated, you do not need to let their Surgery know. When you have had your vaccination, your Surgery will be notified shortly afterwards.

Surgeries are still working through their patient lists for those aged 70-74 years and those classed as Clinically Extremely Vulnerable, so if you have not yet been offered an appointment please wait to be contacted unless instructed otherwise.

The Forest of Dean is well on track to meet the target of all those residents in the first 4 cohorts being offered a vaccine appointment by 15 February. There will be more information on inviting the next cohorts shortly.