AstraZeneca Vaccine

There have been calls today to the Forest GP Surgeries from patients with their concerns regarding the safety of the Astra Zeneca ‘Oxford’ vaccine relating to blood clotting. Current advice is that there are no risks and the Astra Zeneca vaccine is safe, the UK has given more Astra Zeneca vaccine than any other country and all vaccines used in the UK once Licensed are subject to stringent and continued monitoring. The work being done in the Forest by the GPs and at the Vaccination Centre in Cinderford are also subject to this monitoring. Further information on the Astra Zeneca vaccine can be found at and patients are encouraged to read this.

Please do not contact your Surgery with your concerns, we have as much information as is published on the link above. We would want to reassure our patients across the Forest that all Government guidelines issued around protocol of vaccine administration and vaccines used are strictly followed in the delivery of our local Vaccination Programme.